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Magic the Gathering - Core 2020 - FNM - Pre-Release

Magic the Gathering - Core 2020 - FNM - Pre-Release

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Join us for our first ever FNM Pre-Release event for Core Set 2020!!!!


Wizards of the Coast is allowing stores to run pre-release earlier than midnight. We will not be hosting the tradtitonal Standard, Modern, Commander FNM, these events will not be held on July 5th. We will be running our frist pre-release event of the weekend at 7:30 pm in place of our tradtional FNM.

Entry: $25

Time: 7:30 pm

Format: Sealed, 4 rounds, Banded Payout


4 Wins: 9 M20 booster packs

3 Wins: 6 M20 booster packs

2 Wins: 4 M20 booster packs

Other results: 1 M20 booster packs




*** Lock in your price now. Price subject to change. ***


Core 2020 is almost upon us! Be one of the first 72 players to pre-order your box and be gauranteed a Rienne, Angel of Rebirth PROMO. We will only have 72 boxes available for pre order and purchase on Pre-Release weekend!


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